5 Key Tips To Properly Pest-Proof Your Home

Most people tend to see pest-proofing as only a necessity during the warmer months (spring and summer). However,all kinds of pests can invade your home throughout the year. And,as a homeowner who wants to be free of pests,you must take great care and pest-proof your home and its surroundings.

What are some vital pest-proofing tips to keep in mind?

  • Properly Box Up Christmas Decorations â Pests love to hide among decoration boxes,which is why it’s best to pay for containers that can be sealed up tightly which helps in your at home pest control efforts giving bugs less places to hide.
  • Keep Your Kitchen Clean â Food is what pests are after,so frequently wipe your kitchen down and seal up food in containers to avoid attracting them.
  • Address Gaps â Pests have the uncanny ability to fit into the tiniest of holes in a home. Therefore,you need to use a sealing material (such as caulk) to seal off the entry points.
  • Properly Store Firewood â Pests love to hide in woodpiles,and this can help them to get into your home as well. If you have a need for firewood,be sure it’s stored 20 feet or so away from your house and look each piece over before bringing it inside.
  • Take Care Of The Exterior â Get rid of leaves and debris that are shelters for pests or could lead to a watering source for them. This goes a long way in your pest prevention efforts.

If you have pests,call a professional pest control company to get control over them!